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X-O Manowar 1-3
X-O Manowar 1-3

X-O Manowar 1-3 All Cover* Set + Brushed Metal Print


Product Description

Get Ready for VEI’s BIGGEST Release To Date, X-O Manowar 1-3

X-O Manowar 1-3

X-O Manowar 1-3

To commemorate Valiant Entertainment’s HUGE release of the new X-O Manowar ongoing series by Matt Kindt, we are presenting an awesome all cover collectible set like none we have ever done before for the first story arc — X-O Manowar #1-3.  In this set we will include items that have never been offered before by us or anyone else. A few of them can not be obtained any other way, except through our store.  We are pulling out all stops on this book, and hope you join us for the wild ride that is X-O Manowar 1-3 

We are doing several distinct pre-orders. Two are just for issue #1 variants exclusive to our stores (color and black/white), a third for all covers of X-O #1, and this one, for the first story line, issues #1-3, with a HUGE EXCLUSIVE BONUS listed below, along with a few other special items, only part of that set.

Below is a list of items and bonuses you will receive in your X-O Manowar 1-3 set:

  •  X-O Manowar 1-3 Cover A by Superstar artist Lewis Larosa
  •  X-O Manowar 1-3 Cover B by Kenneth Rockafort
  •  X-O Manowar 1-3 Pre-Order Edition cover by Thomas Giorello with 8 pages of exclusive content in each issue
  •  X-O Manowar 1-3 1:20 Interlocking Mico Suayan Variant
  •  X-O Manowar  1-3 1:50 X-O Manowar ICON Variants by J. G Jones and two other amazing artists
  •  X-O Manowar  #1 Collector’s Paradise EXCLUSIVE COLOR Variant by Nick Bradshaw with Extra 8 Pages of Original Bonus Feature Content not found anywhere else
  •  X-O Manowar  #1 Collector’s Paradise EXCLUSIVE BLACK/WHITE Variant by Nick Bradshaw with Extra 8 Pages of Original Bonus Feature Content not found anywhere else
  • NOTE: The ALL COVERS sets for both #1 and #1-3 will not include the Metal Monica Palosz cover.  It is a separate item which no store would be able to get in any quantity above 1.


  •  X-O #1 Cover A by Lewis Larosa, signed by everyone at VEI offices, plus surprise talent (TBD)
  •  X-O EXCLUSIVE 6×9 print, from our ongoing series of prints commemorating VEI releases, Signed by (TBD), numbered, and limited to the number of Sets of  X-O 1 pre-ordered
  • A set of business cards from the VEI OFFICES, signed by the individuals whose business cards they are.  This will be limited to the number of #1-3 sets we pre-sell, which could be in single digits



With VEI’s announcement of the brushed metal cover, we can now reveal the last part of the #1-3 All Cover set. The VEI brushed metal cover by Monica Palosz will be super rare, with retailers having it provide a significant commitment to X-O #1 to get ONE copy, and no more than one. We can not include it with our set BUT we wanted to do something special that everyone willing to commit to our package will find special.

Collector’s Paradise EXCLUSIVE Brushed Metal Cover Print has the same feel as the cover. It features the exact reproduction of our exclusive cover by Nick Bradshaw on the same material, in a STUNNING 6×9 print.

VEI will produce this item for us, using the same process as their cover, and to the strict quantity of sets pre-ordered. We will publish, after release of X-O #1, and deadline for ordering our sets, the exact number of copies produced. We expect that, at $499 price for this set, final number of these prints produced will be ridiculously small, and it will be one of the rarest VEI-produced collectibles around.

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 8 x 5 in

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