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Valley Storefront

Valley Storefront

What sets us apart from other comic book shops? Our service; all of our staff are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about comics. We can point you in the right direction and make recommendations on the genres or characters you like to read about – without the attitude. Our focus on graphic novels; we think of our store as a comic BOOK store. You will not find rows and rows of white boxes containing back issues here, rather, you will find shelves upon shelves of the best graphic novels, hardcovers, and collected volumes! Check out our Book Club for extra savings. Our art gallery; we are one of the few stores in Los Angeles with a full time art gallery complete with prints and original art by today’s hottest artists for sale and on display! Plus, an extensive art book section. Our events; from signings to midnight releases to food truck events, we always try our hardest to keep our customers excited about being a comic book fan!

We have partnered up with Comixology to offer you a full selection of digital comics.  While we firmly believe in the continuing healthy life of regular paper-based comics, we understand that some of you would like to have digital availability, and because of that, we are proud to offer the Collector’s Paradise Comixology Store.

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